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WD 15 dock not charging Lenovo laptops


Dell WD 15 dock is not charging Lenovo Ideapad 720s neither Thinkpad T470s. How can I make it charge them?


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Re: WD 15 dock not charging Lenovo laptops


In theory the WD15 dock is compatible with non Dell devices, however it may not be powerful enough to charge them, as per the specification here - http://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/dell-dock-wd15-with-180w-adapter/apd/452-bcdb/pc-accessories#polaris-...

"Featuring a powerful DisplayPort over USB Type-C cable, with the Dell Dock you can quickly connect your laptop or tablet to a single data and power source up to 130W for Dell devices and 60W for non-Dell devices."

Do the Ideapad 720s and Thinkpad T470s require an output greater than 60w to charge?
What wattage is the ac adaptor connected to the WD15?
Have they ever charged when connected to the WD15?
Do they otherwise function fine on the dock apart from charging?


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Re: WD 15 dock not charging Lenovo laptops

I am not the original poster but I can express a similar story and add details. I have a WD15 with 180W adapter for use with a work computer (Dell Precision). It charges that computer fine. I also have a Lenovo 720s that I frequently attach to the same dock. The Lenovo will slowly discharge although Windows 10 reports that it is plugged in (all other dock functionality works perfectly).

The Lenovo has substantially lower power requirements than the Dell Precision, and when used with a different Dell USB-C charger (a 45 watt model) it charges very quickly. However, when attached to the Dell WD15 it doesn't charge. For some reason the power delivery level is not being properly negotiated between the two units.

I get that the WD15 is not guaranteed to work with third-party computers and there's probably nothing Dell can do to solve the problem, but it is nonetheless frustrating. Considering the issues I went through with the TB15 previously, Dell does not seem to have a great reputation for reliable TB3/USB-C docks. 

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Re: WD 15 dock not charging Lenovo laptops

I have the same story to share with WD15 and Lenovo Yoga 370: windows report it "charging", but percentage is dropping. Connector LED does not illuminate.

Tried with DELL 90W and 130W chargers. The Yoga originally comes with 45W adapter.

Also tried TB15 with same results (and almost nothing else working as a free extra).

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Re: WD 15 dock not charging Lenovo laptops

I have a similar issue. Just bought a Lenovo Thinkbook 13s and want to connect it to the dell dock WD15 with 180w power supply. The Thinkbook tells me it has found a usb sound device, Display Port and HDMI is working, as well as the USB ports. HOWEVER, the power supply does not work. It all works well on a DELL Latitude, so I guess the dock is working properly. What can I do?? Any ideas how I can update the firmware without having a dell laptop??

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