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What SSD is in the Aurora?

So I asked Dell support several times, and they have essentially given me the runaround.  One of them said "most" of the ones they use are Seagate, so I contacted Seagate, and I got "we don't have that information."

Everyone knows that the brand of SSD right now is very important when it comes to gauging performance.  So why isn't Dell at least giving us something to go on?  We can choose the specific video card, why not the specific SSD?

So does anyone know what they are using?  My suspicion is that it's whatever is cheap on a given day.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Edit:  I did not mean to imply all Auroras comes with an SSD.  Of course I am talking about the optional SSD.  Sorry for any confusion.

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Re: What SSD is in the Aurora?

AMEN!  I just posted basically the same question. I plan to buy an XPS 17 laptop with SSD but not if I can't determine the brand / model SSD they'll use. (could be a waste of money otherwise)

DId you ever get a response??

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