What is a "roxio CREATOR My DVD COMBO LE"


Just received and installed a Phillips DVD/RW drive into my Dimension 2400. No problems, the unit seems to be working OK. However, I’m confused about the software disk which came with the shipment and which carries the title "roxio CREATOR My DVD COMBO LE"

Just what is this software supposed to do? I don’t want to install it if it’s something which I’ll not be using.


Bill T.

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Re: What is a "roxio CREATOR My DVD COMBO LE"

The program is used to burn CDs and DVDs and to create all types of Media disks. The LE stands for limited edition, in short that means the program is crippled and doesn't contain all the features that the full blown version of the commercial Roxio would have.

If you already have a burn application on your system that satisfies your needs there is no need to install the Roxio disk.

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Re: What is a "roxio CREATOR My DVD COMBO LE"

Hi Bill,

To add with NN`s, then I will slide back into stealth mode...Sonic purchased Roxio and they have sort merged the brand names loosely creating a fair amount of confusion.
If you have another program as NN mentioned but you want to try this one out as well, please do not install the Packet Writing program; Mastering software can co-exist without conflicts but two Packet Writers tend to clash. Good luck with your drive

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