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Which SSD wil ship....will it have TRIM enabled

Hi all

Im going to invest in an E6410.

I want to get a 64 Gb SSD drive for max performance. But i have heard some real horror stories with Dell not shipping their SSDs with TRIM support in the drive firmware.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Have these issues been resolved can someone advise at all....?...?

 Is a certain Generation of drive needed to have TRIM support fully active....?

or is it just a Firmware thing...?  

Have dell changed their supplier from Samsung,....?

Anyone have any usefull info at all...What questions should i ask ....

cheers all

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Re: Which SSD wil ship....will it have TRIM enabled

I don't know what ssds dell ship their systems with.

IMO you should buy the system with the smallest platter hdd (cheaper) and get the ssd seperately from one of the big companies.