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Which Type of Media is Writable on Matshita / Panasonic UJ272 UJ 272 BD-R 2x Blu Ray Writer

I have an M6800 with the Panasonic UJ272 Drive,  it is listed on Dell's website as a 2x Tray Load Blu Ray Writer.  It has 2 model/part numbers in my Dell Configuration page:




I see various versions of the specifications for this drive on various websites,  but I cannot find any clear info on which discs are writable in this drive.

I am fairly sure I can use DL (dual layer) writable and re-writable discs to write data to at a max capacity of 50GB,  but I am unsure about the 100GB discs,  I believe they are triple layer.

Does anyone know what the capabilities of this drive are?  Is there a firmware update for this drive as well,  I dont see one on any of the support pages for the M6800,  but  I know this drive is used in many different model notebooks (however I don't know if firmware is model specific)

I would appreciate any info anyone can provide on this topic,


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That drive supports BD-XL discs (which aren't exactly inexpensive at upward of $50 each).

These hold up to 100G/disc.

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Does that mean it can Write a 100GB disc,  or can it only read them?

Thanks for your help

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It is supposed to be able to write them as well.

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