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Wireless mouse WM126 draining battery too fast!

Hi all,

I have a Dell WM126 wireless mouse with 1 AA battery. I use it every working day in combination with a Dell docking station and Dell laptop. I turn the mouse off during nights/weekends, but still I have to replace the battery every 1-2 months! This is not normal right??!
My colleague has exactly the same hardware setup and she has been using the same battery for 12 months! 

What is wrong with my mouse, and does this problem fall under warranty?


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Oh ho, 1 Maxell battery in 2 days, $20 gone I guess.

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Ive had my Dell mouse for a week, and it appears I need a second new battery, as I am getting the low battery message across my screen...    

My other wireless mouse only needed a new batter after a year.   Since this one is linked to my wireless keyboard I would like to find a resolution.

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