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cant burn files

I have a XPS dest top and when I go to burn files using a DVD disc I get an error message saying " there is no disc in the drive ", but If I use a program like Freemake it works fine, when I reboot in the morning I get a message saying I have file to burn, but when I try I get the message again no disc in drive............

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Please provide your XPS model number and Windows version.

I'm not saying this is your problem... but in the past I have had problems writing to optical media on my 2021 Dell desktop with utilities like ImgBurn or (Dell-provided) Power2Go. The developer of ImgBurn advised me to switch out the Intel SATA AHCI driver in favor of Microsoft's driver, and it fixed the problem. Both drivers should be present on the system (assuming Intel chipset), so it's a quick operation in Device Manager and a reboot, and you can always switch back if you encounter problems.

To do the switch, open Device Manager and under "IDE ADA/ATAPI controllers" double-click on the Intel driver. Under the Driver tab click "Update Driver", "Browse my computer for drivers", and "Let me pick from a list...". With "Show compatible hardware" checked, you should see the Intel driver and "Standard SATA AHCI Controller," the Microsoft driver. Select this driver and "Next" to install it, then reboot.

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