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d6000 dock / inspiron 7579 display issue when the lid is closed

I purchased a d6000 dock a couple weeks ago along with two Dell monitors.   The monitors are connected to the dock digital video ports, which is connected to my laptop using the USBC connection.   Everything works fine when the laptop is open.  

When I close the lid (as you normally would do when you doc a computer) the video on the monitors changes – while you can still see the display (on both monitors), you cannot click on most things, type, or click on various items.   There is a problem with the graphics interface (maybe a driver?) between the laptop and the new dock / monitors, but I cannot find any help on your site or get support.

ive spent hours calling support (paid or not), updated drivers, firmware, and troubleshooting / tried every option in display settings.   

any help or suggestions?