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dell xps 8900 video card

i have a knocking noise when i start the computer ,also the quick launch icons blink several times,i ran the video card test it show that it failed,video card works for all other things (pictures-  and other graphics ) running win 10 latest version ---I 7 6700 cpu and 16gb ram,I only had this computer for 4 months ,i hesitate to call dell support ,called them several times spent hours  with them ,and they cut me OFF.I am to a point that i will buy a new video card ,what i have now NVIDIA gtx730,i dont do games,my grand son sometimes plays games,.What would be a good for  about $100  Thanks----this is a xps 8900

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RE: dell xps 8900 video card

Hi tpacc,

On this forum, we will advise you to contact tech support and request replacement under warranty. If you just want to upgrade the card, please try the desktop video forum.

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