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dvd crashes

i have an inspiron 1505 running XP.

it reads and plays cds. it also reads and plays dvds. when i put a blank dvd -r and format, the format completes and then the system crashes. error: Bad_pool _heading


if i reset the system it recognizes the dvd but says 0 bytes and 0 bytes free?


is the DVD shot???

help please



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7- Thorium

Re: dvd crashes

Hi Jim,

Your drive is fine. This is a problem with Sonic DLA. Unfortunately, I do not know of any way to fix it except to uninstall Sonic DLA and use something else. You can still use Roxio or whatever disc burning program came with your system. Using one of those rather than DLA does not require that the discs be formatted. Let men know if you need more help.

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