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dvd player

I have a dimension 3000 w/2gb mem. a ati radeon x1550 graphics card running windows xp home edition all updates. My philips dvd+rw 8801 dvd player does not respond to dvd's anymore. It still reads cd's but will not play dvd's. I used to insert a dvd and it would open dell cineplayer automatically,but now all it does is when I insert the dvd,the little light goes on then nothing. Can anyone help me as to how I can fix this problem? Thank you very much.

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Re: dvd player

Hi, Rusty:

This problem could be related to your drive, or to the program. What I want you to do is insert a DVD disc, then try to open that disc in My Computer and let me know if you see the audio and video folders and files in the video folder. If you do, then try reinstalling your DVD program.

If you don't see any files, reboot in safe mode and see if you can view the disc contents there.

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