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imapi cd burning service

Hi.  I am having problems with the imapi cd burning com service.  I set it to automatic, but it never stays on.  Everytime I tried to burn a cd or dvd it seems to stop.  I brought a dvd writer from Dell and I had to install Sonic DigitalMedia v7 LE.  I have unstalled and installed it ten times for it freezing up my pc.  The Sonic cd states that "only install if it was on your computer already".  When I brought the computer from Dell it was not pre-installed.  I seem to be rambling on.  I just want to know why the imapi cd burning service will not stay on.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  annrice44

WindowXP Professional MCE2005; 512 MB of Ram; Visiontek Radeon 7k video card; Hauppauge WinTv 150/500 dual tuner card; Dimension E310Series, Intel Pentuim 4 Processor 524 (3.06GHZ) and 1MB cache; IntelPro 100 Integrated PCI NIC Card; 56k PCI Data Fax Modem; 80 GB SATA II Hard Drive.

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Hi Annrice,

Lets check a few things. Please click on the CD/RW link in my post and scroll to Section 15, articles 14 & 17 and verify that your drive(s) are running in DMA mode and not PIO mode.
Try reloading the IDE controller, same CD/RW link, Section 20, article 3.
Since you installed Sonic from the CD Dell sent you, have you tried both updates/patches, one for Sonic, the other for DLA?
these can be found from the Drivers & Downloads link on the left of this page, enter information for your system and they should be under the heading "Applications".
Also that a look at this Microsoft article and make sure you have the Recording Tab and a check in the box to Enable CD recording of the device, same CD/RW link, Section 100, article 27.

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I am having the exact same problem, and unfortunately none of those suggestions worked. I already phoned Dell tech support, and they instructed me in running a self-diagnostic on the drive itself. The drive checked out with no errors, so perhaps it's a problem with the software? I already tried installing the latest driver for the cd burning drive, but nothing seems to rectify the problem that when I restart my computer the IMAPI cd burning com service is 'stopped.' I set it to start and automatic, but after this it's still just one restart away from returning to 'stop,' and I have no idea why. I disabled the controllers, and the hardware was reinstalled, and following yet another restart the cd burning service was still disabled. I checked the status of the drive under properties and recording and the box labeled "Enable CD Recording on this Device" was checked. I am all out of ideas, so I'd appreciate some help. =) Thanks a lot!
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