inspiron 1720 loud grating/whirring noise

Can anybody help? Periodically when I have been using my laptop for a while or if it is using a lot of resources I get a loud irregular whirring noise which I think comes from the hard drive. Sometimes the noise is more like a grating sound.


I have run all the diagnostics and the hard drive passes all the tests. In addition the laptop is working as it should do.


I cannot believe it is normal for a computer to make such loud sounds in its normal operation and I am concerned that somwething inside is being damaged. I have owned several computers over the years and this is the first one that has done this.


Anyone got any suggestions. the computer is under warranty.





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Re: inspiron 1720 loud grating/whirring noise

This sounds like your hard drive is not balanced and needs to go back to Dell to be fixed.  You will have to back up your drive before sending.  Had the same problem and held the phone where the noise was coming from and that is what the tech told me was the problem.
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