pc factory restore manually with dimension c521

Hi I recently upgraded my computer from xp to vista and it knocked out the pc factory restore keys.  crt. and f11.  So I went to goodells site and he explained how to do a  manual restore and I managed to bring up the bin\recover.exe file in dos and I did a factory restore with no problem..  (at one point it asked me if i wanted to restore the partition as well and I answered no as i was only interested in getting back my operating system xp again and I was unsure about anything else...anyways, computer is restored to factory state and I was pleased about that...but, now I'd like to fix the crt. and f11 keys so I can get everything back to normal...  when I did a dsrfix. (from goodells site info) i messed up the drives somehow and it shows 2 fatals.. I'd like to fix them back to normal as well...  even though these are messed up i can still do a manual restore with no problems...


my question is is there anyway I can fix the crt. and f11 keys back to normal..  I've done the mbrsaver.com and it replaced it and restored it. sucessfully...but, still didn't work the crt + f11 keys.    any ideas... 


thank you. 

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