"Insert a Disc" Problem on Dell Inspiron E1405

Good day! 

After an improper shutdown yesterday due to a low battery, I have noticed that the CD/DVD drive (SONY CDRWDVD CRX880A) cannot recognized a disc. After inserting a good quality disc, the light indicator turns green for about 10 seconds, and then when i click on my computer to open the CD it displayed the following:


Insert a Disc

Please insert a Disc in Drive E:


and then the drive ejects.


Here are the other things I have done to fix the problem above but still not working:


-Uninstall / Reinstall the driver

-Tried different CD's / DVD's

- Clean the lens with a soft cloth

- Run the Dell Diagnostics (using a data CD) - Result: Error Code 0147

                                                              Msg error code 2000 - 0146

                                                              Msg unit 2 Optical Drive BIST - Spindel Test Failed

- Tried deleting the registry Upper and Lower


I only use the CD/DVD drive once in a while so I'm sure that the lens is still ok.

My warranty just expired a month ago and I,m from the Philippines so Technical support is kinda limited.

Thanks in advance! 


OS: Windows Vista

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Re: "Insert a Disc" Problem on Dell Inspiron E1405

The Diagnostics error indicates a drive failure.  Run the Diagnostics
on the drive again just to be sure.  If it fails again, you nwwd to
consider replacing the drive.
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