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replace EIDE with SATA

I have an old Dell Dimension XPS that has a 200GB EIDE Internal hard drive. (WDC WD2000JB).  It has recently crashed and I would like to get a new hard drive.  The motherboard has 2 SATA ports also.  I would like to upgrade to use 2 independent SATA hard drives (non-RAID).  All it says in the manual is that there are 2 SATA ports.  It doesn't give any specs.  Are there any limitations on motor speed, transfer rate, size (capacity/cache) that would maybe not work with these SATA ports?  Like maybe the SATA port only supports certain types of SATA hard drives?  What would be some bottlenecks to look for?

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Re: replace EIDE with SATA

New SATA drives should be backwardly compatible with old SATA ports. I had a Hitachi 3tb working with a six-year-old Syba SATA card.

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Re: replace EIDE with SATA

id seccond that advise from  rdunnill ,itll be backward compatible ,,my gx270 was supplied with ide but theres 2 sata ports on the mb. i just ordered a sata2 Drive and a cable i ordered sata2 but they sent sata3 no worries as its backward compatible ,,only thing i found was id have been better with get a cable witha  rightangle sata cable for the mb due to the 2 ports laying flat at the front of the mb

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