xps m1530 cd stuck in drive

I inserted a music cd in the drive but it is not detected by system and it will not eject.  When I hit ejet it just makes a noise but doesn't eject the disk.  

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Re: xps m1530 cd stuck in drive

as far as i can tell by reading your service and user manuals there isn't an emergency eject hole on these slot loading drives. I've read some posts in other places that say you may be able to eject while doing one of these:

  • in BIOS setup press and hold eject for several seconds
  • start the PC and press and hold eject as it boots
  • go into GUI diagnostics and attempt a Media Eject test - I tried this on an E6400 but I booted GUI diagnostics from a disk so this option was grayed out for me... 

removing the slot load drives looks like a pain and it's hard to tell if removing it will even allow access to a stuck disk.

if none of the above works you'd have to have Dell service the unit.

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