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ECC 6.1 with UB9

I have some questions to verify .

1. Do the all hosts connected to the storage array (vmax) has to have the master agent installed, inorder to show up in stoarge scope.

2. do we have install master agent on the VM level or on the ESX host.

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Re: ECC 6.1 with UB9


1) I am not sure if manually discovered hosts (no Master Agent installed) will show up in StorageScope.  I will confirm with StorageScope Engineering.

2) Master Agents can be installed on VMs.  No agents are installed directly on the ESX Server itself.


Seamus Coffey

EMC Customer Support Services (CSS)

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Re: ECC 6.1 with UB9

Thanks Seamus for the response. In my scenario I have add the management host which is directly connect to the array to the console. once this host was added I can see all the other host that are connected on the console,

but when it comes to storage scope I can see the mangement host I added but not the other host which are connected to the array. I suspect that we have to install master agent on the other host to populate its details in the stoarge scope . please correct me if I am wrong .

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Re: ECC 6.1 with UB9

Is the other host a VM or physical host?

If it is VM guest, then VM guest shows up when you drill down from its ESX server, as we only show physical hosts from Host summary page, you have to click individual ESX server to see its VM guests.

If it is physical host, then you need host agent or master agent to see it.