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ECC / Symmetrix Newbie

I would like to be able to launch ECC remotely from my desktop to manage my Symmetrix. Can this be done, and what will I need? Also, for authentication purposes, how can I gain rights to login to ECC once it is installed?
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Allen Ward
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Re: ECC / Symmetrix Newbie

Welcome to the forums jhale.

I may be misunderstanding your request, but I think you may be asking something that isn't really relevant to you environment. ECC is a completely seperate product from your Symmetrix. Just because you have one doesn't mean you will have the other.

It doesn't sound like you have an ECC infrastructure installed at your site, so if you want that, you should talk to your EMC sales rep about what is required.

If I'm reading this wrong, and you already have ECC and just want to be able to log into a console session from your workstation, you just need to install the console and point it at your server, then log in the same way you would if you launched the console from the server. If this is what you are trying to do, you can find the install instructions in the documentation that came with your ECC install media.

Hope this helps.
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