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Heirarchy Group creation

Hi All,

Need your help in creating heirarchichal groups.

Country -> Region -> State -> Site Name > Device

This should be auto heirarchichal structure if any of the information gets added/removed its will come under/removed from it's parent heirarchy.

What I know we need to assign a data file to Business Template to get this populated.

How to generate a data file and member file.

How should be the pattern like to define children.

If any one has any pdf document for automated group heirarchy creation ,please let me know.



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Re: Heirarchy Group creation

Hi Raghav,

Could you please tell me which version of SAM are you on?

(sm_server --version output)

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Re: Heirarchy Group creation

Hi Raghav,

It sounds like you need to setup Selective Group rather an a hierarchical group.

With selective groups you can create the hierarchical structure you mentioned above :

Country -> Region -> State -> Site Name > Device

But selective groups contain some properties that distinguish them from hierarchical groups, most notably matching criteria.

From your description above matching criteria is required as you need dyamically populate groups based on their country, region, state and site.

The matching criteria will allow you to do this, and will update automatically if one of these changes (for instance if the device site changes).

You can create the Selective groups using the Console GUI. Attach to the SAM domain and click Configure -> Groups. Right click on the SAM domain and select new top level group to create the root group and from there you can create the sub-groups and the matching criteria for each sub group. Click Group -> Regroup to populate the groups.

Each group is it created as an instance of the HierarchicalGroup class. To see these instances:

./dmctl -s <SAMDomain> geti HierarchicalGroup

I have attached the SAM Configuration guide for your reference. Please see page 128 (Organizing topology with groups) for more information on the above.

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke