I cannot delete an ESX server

Hello all,

I cannot delete an ESX server from the ECC console. I have stopped all the VMware Agents but the ECC console keeps returning the following error message:

Rule Violated

The ECC server reports this problem:

host has inactive but following primary agents EGV610: VMware Agent: vmicm125

Please refer to the Help topic for suggestions.

The virtual machine vmicm125 is either located in the ESX host I cannot delete.

Thanks and regards.

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Re: I cannot delete an ESX server

Hello rReG0PQqVF1251120948941:

So vmicm125 is a vm on that esx server?

Are you seeing the vm n ecc( try searching for it in the upper right hand find box).

If you see that vm, do you have agents on it?

If you do, try removing the agents and deleting the host.



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