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Is ECC capable of sending events as snmp traps

I would like to send the events from EMC Control Centre (ECC) to another tool ( BSM Connector).

Is ECC capable of sending events as snmp traps ? If Yes, could you please let me know the procedure to do it.

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Yes you can send snmp traps from the integration gateway agent.   This agent would be deployed from the ECC console and placed on a host that will be able to see the application you will send the traps to.   Further configuration is required post installation. 

The only products that were supported under the integration gateway agent is BMC patrol 7 version 3.4 and 3.5, Microsoft Operations manager 2005, and system  Center operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 - this information is located in the controlcenter 6.1 support matrix under - Integration Packages applications support.   there are sub criteria for each of these including sub notes.   I have included the link to the support matrix for 6.1.  Please bear in mind that this information is based on ECC 6.1 ub14 older version may have different criteria and support-ability limitations.


Secondly I would recommend downloading the integration packages product guide.   This will explain the configuration process.


Please bear in mind that only what is listed in the support matrix has been qualified anything other than this has not been tested and most likely will give issues.    Because ControlCenter has gone on the End of Service Life about 1 year ago no updates have been or will be made and support is limited to advice and best effort.

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