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SNMP Traps ECC to Console Events


I have a ECC version and i don't know how i can configure the events with snmp traps. I want to this traps go to my console.

Any idea?


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Re: SNMP Traps ECC to Console Events

Hi ,

The Integration Gateway sends ControlCenter alerts to third-party management products as SNMP traps. If a firewall exists between the Integration Gateway and a Framework, ensure that the ports described below are open.

  • The agent sends SNMP traps to the Framework's destination SNMP port 162 and listens on port 1273 for incoming ecc3pi or MIB browser SNMP requests.
  • The Framework listens on ports 161 and 162, and sends to Integration Gateway Agent's port 1273 if the ecc3pi process is running (active integration)

After installing the Integration Gateway, configure ControlCenter as follows to have SNMP traps sent to the third-party frameworks software:

  • Define Trap Destination Address
  • Create a Management Policy to Use SNMP
  • Modify Alerts to Use the Management Policy
  • Refer to the EMC ControlCenter Integration Packages Product Guide for instructions on performing these tasks.

Review the available documents from the product page https://support.emc.com/products/5690_ControlCenter and review the console help for details on the Gateway agent.

Note from Support Matrix: EMC Ionix ControlCenter supports the generation and sending of traps as defined in its documentation. A customer may use this information to integrate Ionix ControlCenter with customer applications and versions that are not specifically tested by EMC, but support is limited to the extent of the trap generation and definition. EMC makes no claims on the capability of the third-party application to receive traps, nor takes any responsibility for the impact as a result of this information.



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Re: SNMP Traps ECC to Console Events

Hi, sorry but the problem is that i don't know where is the config file to change the ip where I send traps SNMP.

Actually we have a computer with one IP but now this IP i'ts going to change and I need to change it.

Anybody knows where is the config file to change the IP of SNMP.


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