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configuring alerts on scheduled reports

I'm evaluting SRM.

Now I'm trying to configure some alert notification.

I'm using documentation from /alerting-frontend/APG-Alerting-Guide.pdf at page 34.

the documentation:

"3 On the Tools menu select Schedule/Schedule this Report .


5 Click the Alert tab and select the Alerting Backend that contains the alert definitions to test with the data from this scheduled report.

6 Now that the report is scheduled, to send it on demand to its Alerting Backend instances on the report tree click Scheduled Reports, click the report name on the Scheduled Reports Management Page > Launch now."

I done all these step.

the documentation:

"7 The APG Report Data Adapter, which parses reports from the Frontend, is automatically created the first time it receives a report from the APG Frontend to be alerted on. The APG Report Data Adapter is named AUTO_CREATED_APG_REPORT_ADAPTER."

after the "Launch now" that report adatpter results not created!!!

What am I doing wrong?

what is the proper procedure?



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