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old, stale Isilon alerts keep re-appearing as new in SRM

We are running 3.7. Have had multiple VNXs and Brocades discovered for months, never had this issue, but as soon as we discovered our first Isilon, the dang thing has been spewing out the same 11 alerts every 15 minutes, 24x7. I cannot see where these are coming from. In the Isilon, those "problems" have long since been resolved and the notifications "quieted", so why is SRM thinking these are all fresh events and needing to nag us about them. There are even test events from 7 months ago when we first brought the Isilon online, so the fact that the SRM collector is somehow grabbing them from the array may be the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

I've even tried deleting the device and re-discovering it on a different collector, same result. This may be an Isilon bug, don't know.


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I'd just like to say we are suffering the same. We have /var space warnings from nodes that were cleared off ages ago but still receiving batched emails. We are running 3.6 SP3

Here is an example of an alert, I can't see a definition in SRM for it anywhere:

An ACTIVE alert has been received with the following attributes:

Message: The /var partition is near capacity (99.9% used)

Device: << NAME >>

Device Type: Array

Severity: 1

Source: Isilon-GenericEvent

Source IP: PROP.'sourceip'

Part Type: Node

Part: Node 2

Category: Availability

This issue is originally from about two months and has been cleared from the Isilon.

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