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"Could not select any Symmetrix devices to list."

Ever since upgrading from SE 6 to SE 7.1 and ECC from UB3 to UB7 I've had the following problem:

Whenever I need to do anything requiring symdb access (symdev list -noport, for example) I get 'Could not select any Symmetrix devices to list.'.  I then usually have to do two symcfg discovers to fix it.

My question is:  Has anyone noticed this behavior?  Nothing changes overnight, however without manually running 1-2 discovers every day (typically multiple times in a day) it appears as if the database is constantly needing to be refreshed with a discover.  I did a search and didn't see any similar issues so if I missed a solution, I apologize in advance.

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When I launch the symdev list -sid xxx -disk_group 1, I am getting a similar issue as you had:

'Could not select any symmetrix devices to list'

For any other disk_group it succeeds. Symcfg discover does not help. SE version is

Did you get a more convenient solution other than executing a discover twice ?



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