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I'm confused with module 3 (Hardware) quizz question 8  : What is the available number of DIMMs on a Unity 600F ?

I thought that it was 8 : (8 x 32 GB) = 256 GB.  But 8 is given as incorrect answer.

Could you clarify ?



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Hi Damien,

Thanks for bringing this to attention. As you state, the question is not clear and is confusing. Each Unity Storage Processor has four (4) slots for DIMMs. Each Unity system has two (2) Storage Processors (A and B). Therefore, when the question asks "How many DIMMs are in a Unity 600 model?" the correct answer should be eight (8). So this question needs to be changed to clarify what is being asked. I will work to fix this issue. And again, Thanks so much for bringing it to attention.

John Hanson

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Hi, Jhon

Have I few questions need your clarifications?

1. At which stage in the Unity power up sequence would the Storage Processor enter Service mode upon

detecting an error? is it post or After the CMI is started.

2. A system administrator receives a warning that their DPE I/O Module has a fault. In this situation, which

type of replacement is required?

3. what is the difference b/n CRU and FRU and could you specify the unity items under non-CRU and Non-FRU

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