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Backing up Support Assist


is there away of backing up the support assist once configured?  I have created multiple machine groups for each location I monitor and this is set to grow. with that I want to back up the software in case we have a server fail and I have to reinstall the software.  ironically SAE is install on a HP server and so backup and recovery will not install 🙂


I would have thought there would be a backup option in settings




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Betreff: Backing up Support Assist

Hi Craig,

actually there is no direct option to backup the setting, I'm afraid.

But a good workaround is, to install SupportAssist Enterprise in a virtual machine and then go and back this one up by creating a snapshot and/or cloning the vmdk / vhd.

I hope that there will be such an option included in a later update, but for now, there is no ETA on this.

I hope that helped a bit.


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Betreff: Backing up Support Assist

@DELL-Stefan R 
Hi Stefan

I was just trying to figure out how to backup my SAE.

Do you know if online image backups of SAE is officially supported or tested?
My SAE is installed on Windows 2016, which is a virtual machine running on vsphere 6.5
SAE version is

I tried looking through the manual, but I couldn't find any mention of this.