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secure connect gateway Health Check Report is to noisy

I'm on SCG 5.10.  Is there a way to improve the scheduling of the emailed health report?  I get it daily, and it's usually green.  Once it's was mostly green except for a service near the bottom of the report.


1:  I don't need to see the report every day if it's 100% green.  It's just an extra email i need to delete.  I'm already in the habit of deleting it, which reduces it's functionality.

2: If a service is down, then there should be something at the top of the email that indicates a problem exists.  I shouldn't have to scroll or ready beyond the first section of the notificaiton to figure out a problem exists.  As stated above, I'm already in the habit of deleting the email.

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What he said. Please just allow us to only receive what matters, if everything's OK, one more email to read is only a daily annoyance.

For any issue, just email me of course.


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I'm totally agree, as now we always delete the email without read it we never know if there are an issue.

Maybe just some settings to allow everybody to personalize the scheduling should be a great idea.

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Does any one know how to change the notification time?

It is always 11:00pm every day.

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