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20 GBs of updates in 10 days!

Let me start off by saying, that I have 5 Windows 10 computers, and the newest,an Inspiron 3268 running win10 home version 1709 is the only one with this problem! Everyday, it updates most of  the same items with this in the summary of the reliability monitor "Successful application reconfiguration"! It is literally eating up my storage on the 1 terabyte HD with almost 2 GB everyday! If this keeps up, it going to fill up my HDD in short order! 

The other 4 machines including another Dell, Inspiron 3647 with the same win 10 home OS version 1709 does not have this type of update or problem!

I tried to find out what this is online, and thought I found how to correct it. One person on the MS support site said that it was due to the HP support asst. agent, and when they uninstalled it, the problem stopped. I went into services and stopped/ disabled the Dell support assistant agent, and Dell update services (download) and yet they update with this "reconfiguration" still! I also received the Dell install BIOS update, which I'm not going  to do after reading all the bad experiences people have had recently.

Considering that the other 4 computers are all up to date, and don't have this problem, I don't think that it's MS related.

This computer is less than 2 months old, and can't remember just when it started, but it's used up close to 40GBs

It looks to me, that I'm going to have to dedicate the C: drive to just updates, and use an external HD for storage on this PC emoticon.BigSmile.title



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Re: 20 GBs of updates in 10 days!

The Dell BIOS updates are not affecting all.  I updated the BIOS on my Inspiron 15 5577 and no problems.  On the tenforums.com a user with 4 Dell's (all different models) reported the BIOS updates went OK. 

The other problems appear to be Windows updates and not Dell updates.  I would suspect it got a bad disc image load originally.   Restoring to the Dell factory or just downloading and installing Windows and selective Dell drivers as needed might be the best option. 

Here is how to do a "clean" install from the tenforums.com if you don't want to do the Dell restore.


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Re: 20 GBs of updates in 10 days!

Thanks for the reply!

I just found this doing a Google search "Successful application reconfiguration"


How do you explain this?


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Re: 20 GBs of updates in 10 days!

A quick update! I was able to resolve my problem by going into programs, and uninstall Dell support assist and assist agent!

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