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Dell Alienware 17R5 keeps running SupportAssist Pre-Boot System Performance Check

Hi guys, my Alienware keep running SupportAssist preboot every single time it starts up. If I disable SupportAssist Resolution in BIOS then sometimes the Preboot Performance Check would show up and check both my CPU fan and GPU fan, the tests always pass. If I enable SupportAssist Resolution in BIOS then the Preboot Performance Check will most of the times appears and always show error regarding "CPU fan failed to response correctly."

I ran the ePSA test several times and both my CPU and GPU fans are working in good order. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.

My system: Alienware 17 R5, BIOS 1.19.0 (2022/04/29). My warranty expired on 2021/07/11 so I can't contact support for it.

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