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Dell Support Assist Won't Update Drivers


Dell Support Assist will not get drivers and downloads anymore. Every time I click the button to get drivers and downloads it tells me  "An unexpected error occurred." This has a been a problem for a couple weeks now. I have a dell G15 laptop for reference. Hoping there is an easy solution...

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I have the same laptop and the same experience. Started in late August (last month). Dell Premium Support, after fiddling around with my laptop and doing exactly what I had done to try and fix it, has come up with the brilliant suggestion of a complete Windows reset! 

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This is a known problem that several are having. My advice is to leave SA and let it automatically update when dell have manage to solve this problem. When that happens it should automatically update in the background. When that happens is yet to see. Don't hold your breath.


Instead you can find your drivers manually on Dell's website for your model/service tag. 

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Mine is the same issue, but no-online the error persists with: "Updates are unavailable at this time" for over a week now-we have contacted out legal representative with questions about a warranty issue, and the fact that this issue, IS with Dell, yet they have taken 20 hours of my time-and suggest a "rug sweep" as well-The question they haven't answered is: What if SA were totally uninstalled, all of it, how aside from their errant site, would these updates otherwise appear-so glad (sorry all) to know I'm no longer alone with this <Non-public info removed. TOS64>

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Same issue on my Alienware R11 / Windows 11. Driver update doesn't work, furthermore trying to automatically search for new drivers using the Dell Support site also doesn't work.


The Automatic Search on the Dell Support site uses the Support Assist app in your machine, which is the cause of the underlying problem. The only option at the moment is to manually search and update drivers from the Support Site, or periodically run the Dell Update UWP that is usually also available on Dell machines.

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