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Dell SupportAssist keeps making my computer beep loudly

A little over a year ago, I noticed that SupportAssist was automatically downloaded to my computer, and this would not have been a problem if the program did not make my computer beep loudly whenever it finishes testing for problems. I have tried muting my computer, plugging headphones in, and even turning off notifications for the program, but if SupportAssist pops up when I turn on my computer (an Inspiron 15, 5000 series), I still need to brace myself for a loud series of beeping.

Furthermore, my computer has a tendency to turn on by itself, and because of SupportAssist's tests making my computer beep, it has woken up myself and my sister in the middle of the night.

Please, how can I turn off (or at least mute) SupportAssist's tests?

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Re: Dell SupportAssist keeps making my computer beep loudly

Uninstall it. Next time you need it such as when you request a scan on the Driver Download page you can reinstall it. If you prefer keeping on your computer, you can download the latest version. 


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