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SupportAssist says it cannot connect to the internet

PC: XPS 8700 i7 12 GB

OS: Windows 8.1

Internet: bridged cable modem + Netgear R7000 router, cable connected to PC.

Norton Security.

SupportAssist says there are new drivers & downloads, but when I want to install these, I get the message SupportAssist is unable to connect to the internet. My internet works just fine and I never experience any connectivity or update problems with other software. So how can I get these Dell updates installed?

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Re: SupportAssist says it cannot connect to the internet

Do it yourself by going to Dell Drivers and Downloads. But make sure you really need those updates. The old 8700 won't have many current updates if any. Get video updates from the video card maker if you have a discrete card. There is a bios update that some have had trouble with. I have a 8700 and the bios update to A12 installed without a problem. The bios update is for the Spectre problem. 


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