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The My Dell App Reports wrong Service Tag and Express Service Code

The My Dell app is not in sync with Support Assist.

I have uninstalled and re-installed it several times and it will not report the correct information.

The Dell service techs have tried to fix it in remote sessions with out success.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you in advance.


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I have the same problem.

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Did this machine go through any motherboard replacements in the past ??
Dell should provide you a motherboard replacement. A new motherboard comes without a service tag and repair person injects the tag.

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If the servicetag in bios is correct 

and only supportassist and my Dell are reading them incorrectly than we will need more info. 

Whether an image of other computer was restored to this machine. 

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Good morning. I have the exact same problem.

SupportAssist and BIOS have the same service tag. However, "My Dell" has a different service tag.

I have tried to (1) completely uninstall My Dell and reinstall it, (2) use Windows App Repair, (3) use Windows App Reset. Each time, the same incorrect service tag comes up.

If I type 'wmic bios get serialnumber" in powershell, the correct service tag is displayed. Therefore, My Dell must be getting the same incorrect service tag number from somewhere other than reading the BIOS.

Any ideas?

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Maybe the uninstall didn't remove all components and registry entries?  Maybe try uninstalling using some like Revo Uninstaller, and then reinstall.  Just a stab in the dark, but worth a try...

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@fyreflow, thanks for the suggestion! Great minds...

I have Revo Uninstaller Pro and used that to uninstall the My Dell app and used advanced scanning to clean-up registry entries and files.

I think my next step is to grant myself access to the WindowsApps directory and manually search through the My Dell bits.

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I find that the "Hunter Mode" is a really good way to target a specific program and all it's associations in the registry - of course, if it has tie-ins with another program, you might get too many hits to choose from, but that's rare.

Also, when you re-install the application, be sure to run the installer as Administrator, just to avoid any possible problems on that front.

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Reporting back.

I decided to take a sledgehammer to this problem by performing a full reinstall of Windows 10 (Dell image) and upgrade to Windows 11. At this point, the service tag in My Dell is correct.

However, for those of you who don't want to go to this extreme, I learned in the process that there is a software component called the Fusion Service that backs My Dell. After learning this, I'm speculating that the following process *might* work to fix a Service Tag problem in My Dell.

  1. Completely remove the My Dell Windows App
  2. Completely remove the Fusion Service (ideally with an uninstaller that can handle cleaning registry entries and leftover files, like Revo Uninstaller mentioned in prior posts).
  3. Reinstall the Fusion Service
  4. Reinstall the My Dell Windows App 

I have not tested this, but if someone wants to try and report back, this could be the solution.

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I might have some helpful information on this issue.  I have the same problem.  I would like to resolve this, but it doesn't bother me enough to put forth the effort.  Maybe someone else can take a stab at it.

Of course we know the service tag is embedded in the BIOS.  But it also must be on one of the restore partitions as well.  Here is why I believe that:

A while back I bought a brand new XPS.  Recently I picked up a used XPS on ebay as a backup.  The used one came with a generic load of Win 10 without any drivers, and all the factory restore partitions had been deleted.  I wanted to put this machine back as close to 'new in the box' as I could.

So I imaged my main machine, and restored all partitions EXCEPT the main (Windows) partition on the backup machine.  That way none of my software, configuration, etc was carried over.  Of course that left me with a non-bootable machine.  Upon boot, pressing the magic key combination to invoke the factory restore, my backup was factory restored.

BUT, I ended up with My Dell duplicating the service tag from my main machine.  Support Assist had also duplicated my service tag from my main machine, but at some point Support Assist figured it out and now shows the correct service tag, but My Dell does not.

Since I started with a blank hd (I zero filled it before restore), and I only restored the restore partitions, and not the main partition, the service tag must also be located in one of those restore partitions somewhere.

So if someone wants to dig, the restore partitions may be a good place to start.



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