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XPS 15 9520, SA does not show Dell Migrate?

XPS 15 9520

I just bought a new XPS 15 9520 laptop and paid for Dell Migrate. However from day 1 it has not been an option in SA (SupportAssist) like it should. I have called tech support 3 times and no fix yet. Has anyone had this issue? I cannot migrate any data as of yet from my old laptop.

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It is a separate program Dell Data Assistant not part of Dell Support Assist.  See this--

 Dell Migrate | Dell USA


  • Yes it is separate but it is a button that is supposed to show up under Support Assist.  Mine does not.
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I'd honestly ask for a refund and then manually migrate the data. You'd probably get better results doing it manually than through Dell migrate.

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According to the Dell Migrate User's Guide page 37, Dell Migrate should appear in SA (SupportAssist).

Uninstall SA, reboot, install SA from here, reboot. Then open SA and look for Dell Migrate.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Applicable to the new PC only—On your new PC, launch the Dell SupportAssist from Start. At the bottom-left of the page, click Go Now to launch Migrate. On the next page, click Let's get started to start the migration process. The migration process searches for your old PC on the network.

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