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DELL Inspiron 15 3000 series Touch pad Issue


Recently i have bought dell inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and seriously i am facing issue with touch pad, it is not working properly, some times it stuck, and some times it hides some where, even the scrolling also it is not smooth, i am irritated with the touch pad and so many times i have restarted the device. some times after restarting it work fine for few mins and again the problem is same.

my friend also purchase the same product and even he is also facing the same problem he fed up with the touch pad and started using separate wired mouse

I just want to ask you one question.

Is this the kind of product you deliver to your valued customers, previously i have used another dell lap and that works fine, i just moved to this new product  and facing issue.

i need immediate explanation.

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RE: DELL Inspiron 15 3000 series Touch pad Issue

Hello and sorry to hear that are experiencing issues with your laptop.  This specific forum is for SupportAssist related issues.  There is another forum specific for Laptop related issues. Can you please re-post your questions in that forum.

Thank You. 

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