DELL PowerEdge 6850 Fans Problem

Hi all,

My server fans are suddenly running in full speed without any reason. The server cabinet is well air conditioned and there are no heating problems what so ever.

Tried to update the BIOS but still the fans are on full speed. Cleaned all fans (4 Fans).

Device: Dell Poweredge 6850

O.S: Windows Server 2003

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RE: DELL PowerEdge 6850 Fans Problem


This forum particularly deals with issues pertaining to Dell SupportAssist. People on this forum may not be the appropriate audience to answer your question.

I would suggest you posting this to another forum. I can at best try and look for a forum where you can find an answer for this question. Another, suggestion from me would be for you to contact Dell Support.

FYI, Dell SupportAssist collects information about your System hardware and software, and automatically creates support cases when issues arise. This helps Dell to provide you an enhanced, personalized, and efficient support experience. Dell uses this data to help solve common problems and design and market the products and services features you use most.

Aniruddha S

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RE: DELL PowerEdge 6850 Fans Problem

Hi there

The other response is correct , this is an support assist page. But I couldn't notice that the 6850 will be might be well and truly out of support date. It sounds like what the BMC or the DRAC that controls the fan speed has failed. Have you tried running DSET and see what that comes back with.? If you need to replace parts that might be problematic.. If you wish ping me on direct message .

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