Dell SupportAssist Enterprise 1.1 alerts threshold limit


Im using Dell supportassist enterprise 1.1 and configured its email settings to send alerts to specified email addresses.

However im receiving following email whenever one of my server reboots:

Dear Valued Customer,

SupportAssist Enterprise has reported the following alert:

Issue :
This device has generated an unusual number of alerts exceeding the set threshold limit.

 Last Verified :
22/08/2017 13:22:435 PM

 Additional Information/Action Needed :
SupportAssist Enterprise has temporarily placed it under maintenance mode. During this period, SupportAssist Enterprise will not process any alerts from this device. Ensure the health of this device is restored for optimal SupportAssist Enterprise operations.

 For more information, refer to the Device tab, the Help within the SupportAssist Enterprise application or the SupportAssist Enterprise manuals.
 If the problem persists, contact your SupportAssist Enterprise application administrator or Dell Technical Support.
 Thank you,
 Dell Technical Support

My question is what the set threshold limit is and what type of alerts it is referring to.


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RE: Dell SupportAssist Enterprise 1.1 alerts threshold limit

Hi Uzair,

Thanks for contacting us.

By default, if SupportAssist Enterprise receives 10 or more valid hardware alerts within 60 minutes from a specific device, SupportAssist Enterprise automatically places that device in maintenance mode. The device remains in maintenance mode for 30 minutes, allowing you to resolve the issue without creating additional support cases for the device. An email notification is also sent to the primary and secondary contacts, and the device displays the maintenance mode icon on the Devices page. After 30 minutes, the device is automatically removed from maintenance mode, enabling SupportAssist Enterprise to resume normal alert processing for the device.

To know the alert I would need the service tag of your system. I will ping you privately.



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