How to define IP used by Configure SNMP

Is there a way to control what IP is added to the new alert destination in DRACs when Configure SNMP is initiated for a device in SupportAssist Enterprise?

We have two physically separate OOB networks.

New -
Legacy -

SupportAssist Enterprise is on a server that is physically connected to both networks and has an IP in each.

eth0 -
eth1 -

Our servers (devices) have DRAC in one or the other network and IPs from one OOB network cannot ping IPs in the other. This is by design.

The problem I am seeing is SupportAssist will always use the IP for eth1 even if the remote device is in the other network making the IP useless as an alert destination. for devices on that other network.

Any way to either have SupportAssist Enterprise be smart enough to realize what IP to use based on the device's IP or allow the user to select which IP is used?

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RE: How to define IP used by Configure SNMP

Hello Cameron,

We will have to take this request into consideration as enhancement for future release to be able to select the destination IP if multiple IPs are configured.  

I’m not sure if you had an opportunity to try configuring the SNMP destination via script – this is outlined in the SupportAssist Enterprise Users Guides under “Manually configuring the alert destination of a server”

Please share with us the results if you were able to utilize the manual process using script.

Thank You.

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RE: How to define IP used by Configure SNMP

Hi Dave,

I can absolutely use racadm commands via ssh in a bash script to do this so I will just do that with a for loop though our hundreds of servers differentiating between the two networks for IP to be assigned in the script.

Thanks for your input and hopefully this request makes it into a future release Smiley Happy

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RE: How to define IP used by Configure SNMP


Glad to hear that RACADM is a good alternative that works in this scenario.

Enhancement request is submitted already and the Product Management team will vet it out.


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