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Inspiron 7380 - SA, updates won't download?

I have an Inspiron 7380 and at first my updates were installing no problem. Now, I have the April 4th release BIOS update and the Realtek Audio Driver update. But, whenever I try to download and install them, it just gets stuck at the downloading 2 of 2 and doesn't make any progress at all with the downloads.

Any suggestions?


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Re: SA, Inspiron 7380, updates won't download?

* Click my name and private message me the Inspiron 7380 service tag number
* Cancel the SA (SupportAssist) download process
* Restart the Inspiron 7380

You should never install a driver just because it is newer.

You should only install a newer audio driver to correct audio issues. Do you have audio issues?

Same applies to a BIOS update. Do you have any of the issues BIOS 1.6.0 addressed?

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