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OpenManage Enterprise and SupportAssist Enterprise again

We have 346 iDRAC 7,8,9 working fine in OpenManage Enterprise 3.1.0
We installed SupportAssist Enterprise with OME Adapter in a Linux Suse 11.4 VMware virtual machine.
We are facing 2 problems:
1) OME Adapter always gets stuck at: Assigning Profiles - 345 of 346 In Progress
2) discovered Devices are
Managed (275)
Staging (0)
Inactive (0)
Not Managed (1) this one is just our SAE Linux server

Seems like it cannot see many iDRACs, and/or OEM Adapter cannot end its task.
I tried restarting SAE + OME Adapter, I tried running a site inventory validation: the number of discovered devices varies but we never have all 346 iDRACs and many are missing.


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Re: OpenManage Enterprise and SupportAssist Enterprise again

We're seeing a similar issue.  Any update on this?

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