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Pc wont turn on because of the ram (Alienware x51)

Hi, sorry to bother you but I have a problem with what I belive is my ram. I used an eraser on my ram because of a youtube video I saw. When I got finished with that. I put the ram back in my pc, only to discover that it started beeping. I read somewhere that it is because the ram was placed in the wrong spot. I turned the rams and plugged in all the cables. And now my pc wont start. The start button is glowing but neither the fan nor the pc gives any sign that its working. 

I have 2 vengance ram (16Gb each)

And I also have had a lot of problems with the pc crashing in the past. It annoyed me so much that I evetually started to use an eraser (just one time though)

I have an Alienware X51 gaming pc and unfortunately can not say my specs because my pc wont start

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Re: Pc wont turn on because of the ram (Alienware x51)

Actually I am surprised that the RAM would go into the RAM slots incorrectly. Are you getting any Beeps at all now. And check the RAM carefully to be sure the RAM is correctly inserted into the slot (make sure the slot on the RAM and the key in the slot line up). If you can get the system to boot try running diagnostics on the system. Restart and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics. The worst thing I can imagine is that by forcing the RAM modules into the slots incorrectly, the slots are damaged. Even so you should get some beeps and/or led flashing.

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