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Stuck Assigning Profiles from OMEnt

I'm having an issue with an OMEnt adapter, it seems to be stuck at assigning profiles. I'm expecting 161 devices from OMEnt, I currently see 150 as managed in SupportAssist.  I don't know what machine it is stuck on, and I don't see any way to cancel this job or run it again for the missing servers. If the job would finish I'd hit resync now, but it seems like this job is just hung and there's nothing I can do to cancel it.

Any help would be much appreciated!




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Re: Stuck Assigning Profiles from OMEnt


We would be happy to help you with the issue, but upon further research of the issue it is recommended that you call in to the OpenManage group at 1(800) 999-3355. They will be able to assist you in the issue.

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