Support Assist Device Windows Empty

I have a problem with either version 2.1 with version 2.0 support assists : the " DEVICES " window is not no device connected and monitored . I tried to remove and reinstall both versions support assit without success .
In the device of Open Manage Essential I linked server through the IDRAC perfectly monitored .
Connectivity Test is all ok.

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RE: Support Assist Device Windows Empty

Thank you for posting your question.

There could be many different reasons on why the devices fail to display in the SupportAssist UI.  You will need to take a look at the logs located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Integrated Support\logs to help identify the root cause. Search for “error” to see if you can find the root cause.

It will also be beneficial to understand which version of OME you are running.  SupportAsssist 2.1 is designed to run with OME v2.1.

Thanks You.

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