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Support Case not generated

Came in this morning to discover a failed drive in one of my MD3600 Sans. Failure was detected by OME, but support assist hasn't logged a case.

Connectivity test shows full connectivity to internet, SMTP server etc, but evening collecting system logs manually fails to generate a support case.

Running Version

Any ideas?

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RE: Support Case not generated

Thank you for posting the question and it does look like we will need to take a look at your SupportAssist logs in order to root cause on why case create failed if the alert type raised was qualified for case create.

The design of the system is to create a case for qualified alerts that meet the policy criteria and then trigger a log collection to help the team handling the case in diagnosing the issue.  As a result, manually running collections would not generate a case.  

Can you please contact Tech Support so we can better assist you on why the system failed to create a case for failed drive.  

Thank You.

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