SupportAssist 1.0.1 for server email setting

Hi team,

1. I can setup with with SupportAssist for OME. I can get the OME/SA alert to my email address.

2. But I could not setup SMTP in SupportAssist 1.0.1 even the same setup. In the log file, it shows a error  "535 5.7.0 authentication failed".

Please help to check.

Thank you,

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RE: SupportAssist 1.0.1 for server email setting

Thank you for posting your question.  Generally speaking, the registration and case alerts emails are not coming from your local SMTP server configuration in OME/SA, rather those emails originate from Dell Servers. 

The local SMTP configuration in SA Client UI is used for email notifications about maintenance mode, devices status, and network connectivity status.

If you are receiving the authentication error after trying to configure the SMPT server in SA Client UI, please confirm the user name and password are correct.

Here is a quick link to the user guide which explains how to configure the SMTP settings in detail: Dell SupportAssist User's Guide v1.0.1

If the problem persists after following the instructions in user’s guide, we may need for you to contact Dell Technical Support to better assist you because it may require a closer look at your system setup and obtain additional logs.

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