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SupportAssist 2.0.1 and connectivity errors

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I'm running SA 2.0.1 and I can't connect to a couple of devices (two windows server, one running HyperV) aswell as one of my ESXi-servers. 

My storage (EqualLogic) aswell as another esxi works flawless, the two esxi are using the same credentials but only one get a green checkmark. 

Apparantly I've set my SA to autoupdate and something in this new version has broken (haven't been logged on to the system for quite some time..).

I've attached logs for the machines giving me a hard time. [View:/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/4551/omsa.txt:550:0]

Connectivity tests are all ok. 

DSET aswell as Lasso is installed, as this has been working previously.

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RE: SupportAssist 2.0.1 and connectivity errors

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Thank you for posting your question Martin.

Generally speaking, this validation error code = 0 normally means success.  The problem could be something else that is preventing the collection from running or completing successfully.

The common issue for Error code 6 is device credentials set incorrectly.

We are going to need to review the entire log in order to further assist you.  It’s going to be best to contact Tech Support in order to look into the system and obtain the necessary logs.

Thank You.

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