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SupportAssist and Alienware Update giving notification of already-installed BIOS

My computer is an Alienware Area 51 Threadripper R6. For many months, SupportAssist has notified me of there being a BIOS update for my computer and I initially installed them with the program whenever I got it. However, after a while, I realized that the program has actually been notifying me of the same BIOS version during the most recent times. No matter how often I choose to install the BIOS, it continues to notify me about needing to update them. Although Alienware Update isn't the same program, it has this same issue as well and I wasn't sure where to post about that program.

I've been ignoring the notifications afterwards as a result, but it has been making me paranoid about wanting to use SupportAssist because I fear that trying to reinstall the BIOS each time, even by accident, could end up causing my computer to break. It seems that a similar problem has been faced by others and I'm unsure of whether it has something to do with the blacklist file not having the BIOS for this computer in its list. I would like some assistance with this problem.

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