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email format - unable to register

Hi, I'm having an issue with registration and was wondering if anyone else came across this?

My email is not in the typical name@domain.com format. It's more like: first.last@team.domain

When I enter my email to register I get an 'Enter Valid Email' warning - any idea on how to proceed?

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Re: email format - unable to register

Hi there,

SupportAssist needs to be able to send emails to your email address from the internet. It's not SupportAssist who sends the emails, the emails are sent from our end point SAE server. 
Your email address looks like an intranet email that is not reachable from outside your company network.

SupportAssist expects a regular email address with *@domain.com (any other ending possible)

Please try with your company email address, this will work then.


DellEMCStefan Richter
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